Honour And Disgrace Quotes

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Honour and disgrace Honour, virginity and disgrace are other issues referred to in the novel. All are interrelated in the Arab society. In such a society, the honour of the male members of a family depends mainly on how their female relatives are looked upon. Their women should prove to be virgin on their wedding night, and their relations after marriage must be restricted to their husbands only. In this regard, El Saadawi explains that: [a woman] remains ‘a woman’ whether poor or rich, ignorant or cultured. Throughout, she is fundamentally the same since her honour does not go further than an intact hymen and a chaste sexual life. In most cases, her downfall and loss of her honour are brought about by poverty. This is perhaps a step forward…show more content…
The ties of blood, of patrilineal descent, can never be severed, and they never weaken throughout a person’s life. This means that a woman, even though she marries into a different kin group, never ceases to be a member of her own paternal families … Whatever credit or discredit a woman earns reflects back on her own paternal families … her father and brothers become dishonoured also. Family honour can be restored only by punishing the guilty woman; in conservative circles, this used to mean putting her to death. (Patai 1973:…show more content…
Although Hussain agrees to punish that man, he expresses his absolute disgust with Hamida by saying: لماذا لم تقتلها؟! لو كنت مكانك ورمت المصادفات إلى يدي بالمرأة التي خانتني لخنقتها بلا تردد، ثم ذبحت عشيقها. واختفيت عن الأنظار هذا هو ماكان يجب أن تفعله يا رطل. (Mhafouz 1985: 305) Why didn’t you murder her? If I were in your position, I wouldn’t have hesitated a minute. I’d have throttled her on the spot and then butchered her lover and disappeared … That’s what you should have done, you fool! (Mahfouz. trans. Gassick 1975: 239) Warum hast du sie denn nicht getötet? Wenn ich an deiner Stelle gewesen und durch Zufall der Frau wiederbegegnt wäre, die mich verrate hat, hätte ich sie aud der Stelle erwürgt! Dann hätte ich mir ihren Liebhaber vorgeknöpft und den erledigt. Und dann wäre ich natürlich abgehauen! Das hättest du machen müssen, du Blödling! (Machfus. trans. Kilias 2015:
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