Honour Killings

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Honour killing, india’s continuing shame Honour killing, india’s continuing shame SUBMITTED TO SUBMITTED BY
Prof. seema dutta AMAN BANSAL ROLL NO-212017

Every research has an objective in mind when he or she starts his or her research on any topic and in the course of the research process the researcher’s job is to fulfill his or her objective. In my present research endeavors to show why honor killing take place, the concept of honor killing, the communal aspect of honor killing,history of honor killing, and, finally, the increasing trend of honor killing in
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Even mothers whose daughters have been killed in the name of honor often condone such violent acts.. In addition, communal acceptance of “honor” killings furthers the claim that violence in the name of “honor” is a private issue and one to be avoided by law enforcement. Community acceptance of these killings stifles accurate reporting of the number of violent crimes against women in the name of “honor.” As a result, the true extent of the prevalence of “honor” killings is still not fully known
The murder of women in the name of “honor” is a gender-specific form of discrimination and violence. In societies where so-called honor killings are allowed to occur, governments are failing in their responsibility to protect and ensure women their human rights. “Honor” killings should be regarded as part of a larger spectrum of violence against women, as well as a serious human rights violation. Amnesty International calls on you to help bring an end to “honor” killings, and to demand that governments take steps to ensure that women and men enjoy equal treatment under law.

History of Honor Killing

The history of such killings in India has its roots rooted deep since the time of partition of the country between the years 1947 and 1950 when many women were forcefully killed so that family’s honor could be preserved. The influence of religion
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