Hook Up Hypothesis

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The authors were testing multiple hypotheses; whether gender affects the emotional outcome of hooking up and how offend men versus women , how family income and environment play in whether someone hooks up and how offend, if being religious affected hooking up behaviors and the emotional effect, if alcohol would increase hooking up behavior than lastly, how ethnicity and race would play in hooking up (Owen, Rhoades, Stanley Fincham Most of the data didn’t support their hypotheses. Hypotheses 1a, which was predicting that men hook up more than women, wasn’t true. Women hooked up around four percent more. For hypotheses 2a-8a, which concerned family income and environment, religion, alcohol, and emotional wellbeing. Both men and…show more content…
The authors did a quality job of filling in blank spaces within the field of research, but only truly answered few questions, such as emotional reactions by gender to hooking up. For ethnicity/race, there is much room for seeing how and why certain ethnicities/ races hook up more or less than others; why are Asian Americans hooking up less? The research didn’t touch upon LGBTQ+ hooking up behaviors, which I believe would be incredibly interesting to find ut if they differ from heterosexual behaviors (Pg.…show more content…
I was also taken aback that these were the blank spaces in the research, like how alcohol affects hooking up behavior. I would have thought this would have been studied first, especially when concerning college students. I also didn’t realize that more women were hooking up than men, I wonder if this is true, or if women are more likely to take a survey than men? The culture surrounding hooking up, suggest that men do it more. I could have guessed that women would have more of a negative reaction, especially compared to men, once again, because of the culture around hooking
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