Hooliganism In An Afternoon By Ian Rankin

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In Great Britain, hooliganism has a big influence when there are football matches. People fight together and are acting crazy. Sometimes there can be big fights between two or more football teams. Would you dare to stop them? How is it to be the ‘’security’’ guy and has to keep it all clean? In the short story ‘‘an afternoon’’ written by the author Ian Rankin, we meet Rab, who works as a security sergeant to provide safety between football matches. The text gives the reader an insight into his life, problems and thoughts. And how he survives his days.

A 3rd person narrator tells the story, and it involves the reader into a lot of Rab’s reflections and thoughts. We only see it from Rab’s point of view. When the football fans are described
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He is working as a sergeant to provide safety between football matches. He seems to be exhausted from his job. It has an effect on his physique and the job is hard, which the text says: ‘‘my feet look like jaundice’’ (p. 1, l. 4). Rab is also affected by some long-term aggravations: He is worried about his batty spells and his eyesight is weak. He wont go to a doctor characterizes him as a strong and eager man. For instance, Rab has not been sick one day through his thirty years of working as a sergeant in the football stadium. So it could be concluded that Rab loves his job, but he is starting to realize some things about his situation. He is beginning to feel unlucky about his working. It is clearly to see in the text, when he only focuses on how long it will be before the football game is over. ‘’[…]’Just let me get through another ninety minutes.’ Plus half time… added time… […] (p. 3, l. 7). Through the whole text Rab is thinking about the clock a lot. It is mentioned again on page four in line 8 ‘’It is seven past three’’. He thinks about how soon will it be before he can leave his job, probably because he can’t like his

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