Hoop Dream Two African American Young Men, William Gates And Arthur

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In the movie Hoop Dream two African American young men, William Gates and Arthur Agee, both from Chicago became a professional basketball player to escape the life of poverty. Hoop Dream is a great example of how sports can get you out of poverty. In the movie it showed how the two inner-city boys had all odd against them, and how the system kept knocking them down. At a young age, thy both had the same dream, and were willing to work harder than anyone else to give their family a better lifestyle. Both young men lived on the north side of Chicago, in housing projects. They were limited to where, when and who they can hang with or around, because it was so easy to get caught up in all different gangs, violence and drugs that was in the community. The time that they did spend outside they were playing basketball, playing little pickup games. Scout from St. Joseph High School seen how talented they were and wanted them, and that he did. Even though the boys’ families wanted, the best for them they could not afford to move closer to the high school; so the boys had to wake up at five in the morning and make that hour and forty minutes commute to school every day. Gates initially struggled with his school academics, reading at a fifth grade reading level in his first year of high. He went to the library every day before practices, to study, so that when his senior year came he would qualify for scholarships. By his senior year, he earned a full ride scholarship to Marquette

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