Hoop Dreams and Rasin in the Sun - Comparison Contrast Paper

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The movie Hoop Dreams shows you the difficulties and obstacles that come in the way of dreams. Although it's said that if you believe in a dream long enough it will come true, but in Hoop Dreams and A Raisin in the Sun you are shown the harsh realities of the falseness of that statement. And that the reality of a dream not coming true hits you like a brick wall. <br> <br>Many obstacles get in the way of the road to dreams in both stories. In both stories, all families suffer from having little knowledge, and it doesn't help that they're all black. Also being poor and living in the ghetto makes things that much harder. Pregnancies also put big bumps in the road to success, in both instances it makes the families come together and try their…show more content…
Walter needed his money, and William and Arthur needed more talent to be good enough to make it the NBA. All three of them had the same attitude towards the dreams, "No matter what this dream is going to come true." The Worst part of it is that all of them let the dreams take over their lives. The harshest reality of all is that neither of their dreams come true. And each one of them had the chance to have their dreams come true, Walter had his money stolen, and neither William or Arthur had enough talent to make it to the NBA. The last deciding factor in making difference in dreams, William had a mature dream, in that of owning a liquor store, and it's a normal everyday dream. But, William's and Arthur's dreams were immature and not very thoughtful. They both wanted to be in the NBA, and that was all they were going to do, they didn't even care if they had their education to fall back on, they both were so certain that they were going to make it in basketball that all they had to do was play. Luckily William realized that he needed something to fall back on in case of not being good enough to make it, so when he finally realized he wasn't going to make it to the NBA, he had an education. Arthur on the other hand, all his life was, was basketball, he ate, drank, and slept basketball, didn't care much about school. <br> <br>The difference in these two stories clearly shows that Hoop Dreams clearly showed the harsh reality of dreams, and the

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