Hoosier Burger

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SDLC Approach Hoosier Burger, a restaurant owned by Bob and Thelma Mellankamp, is running the business with errors occurring frequently because of the nonexistence of an organizational information system. The systems analysis consultant that is hired to help Hoosier Burger should utilize the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodologies to develop and support the organization’s information system. There are four key steps to the SDLC: (1) planning and selection, (2) analysis, (3) design, and (4) implementation and operation. The first phase in the SDLC is when the organization’s total information system needs are analyzed and arranged. The result of this phase is a potential information systems project is identified. The…show more content…
Phase four, systems implementation and operation, is a two-step process. System specifications are turned into a working system that is tested and then put into use. The new system becomes a part of the daily activities of the organization and the users are introduced to the new system and trained. System Characteristics There are four system characteristics in the Hoosier Burger scenario: data/information, intermediate data, processes, and feedback. Data/information is Hoosier Burger’s current information systems (paper-based system), especially with the inventory control, customer ordering, and management reporting systems. Intermediate data is when Hoosier Burger receives deliveries at the restaurant’s back door and then updates a stock log form. The processes are the orders that are written on an order ticket, totaled on the cash register, and then passed to the kitchen where the orders are prepared. Feedback is when Bob Mellankamp reviews these order tickets nightly and makes adjustments to inventory. Decomposition Decomposition is the process of breaking down a system into its smaller components. (Valacich 2009). A functional decomposition is the act of going from one single system (restaurant business) to many component processes. Hoosier Burger’s restaurant business can be broken down into three major subsystems centered on a food ordering system. They are customer, kitchen, and restaurant manager. The
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