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Hoosiers Film Analysis

Why I selected Hoosiers Let me first begin by saying I am a huge sports fan. I played almost every sport growing up and have always loved watching sports, in particular college basketball and any type of football. I saw Hoosiers a few times growing up and enjoyed it every time. In my opinion it is one of the greatest sports movies of all time. The acting of Gene Hackman is definitely an Oscar winning performance. Even though this is not based on a true story it is very believable to me that this event could have occurred, and for that reason it enhances the emotion I feel when they fight through diversity and win the state championship. All of the above are the reasons I chose this film, I knew I would
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For Jimmy, she didn't believe basketball was the way out of this small town, a good education was, and she didn't want Norm keeping him from that. Coach Dale restrained form retaliating at this criticism and actually accommodated Myra by granting her wishes and not trying to persuade Jimmy into playing. I think it was his philosophy all along, regardless if she said anything about Jimmy, he felt no individual was greater than the whole. The second major conflict I noticed happened between Coach Dale and the community, in particular George. The community expressed how they didn't like change much and had a belief in how the team should practice and be taught. When it didn't show out on the court they verbally expressed their dissatisfaction, and even went as far as putting together a petition to oust the coach. To this the Coach Dale held firm, he didn't burst out in aggression nor did he plea with the community. He just went to the meeting, said what he believed and then let the community decide. With George, it was a little more personal. George was the interim coach until Coach Dale arrived and had a routine for the players that they conducted every practice. When Coach Dale challenged that routine and told George to leave, George retaliated by stating "changing a routine might get the boys all confused," as well as threatening the Coach. The Coach did not take too lightly to this threat and actually challenged George on

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