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Hoot Hoot by Carl Hiassen is a story about a boy named Roy who is tired of being the new kid. Life in Florida finally started to become exciting when the bully smashed his face against the bus window and he sees a mysterious running boy. This is how an unlikely group of friends came to be. Hoot is about a new kid in town who finds friendship by being a good friend to a runaway boy. Mother Paula’s Pancake House is being sabotaged by a young boy. They don’t know who’s doing it and they think it’s just a prank. It’s not just a prank. The person behind it all is Mullet Fingers, a runaway kid who cares a lot about some endangered owls who live on Mother Paula’s building site. He even goes so far as to spray paint a police car’s windows…show more content…
Roy is a good friend to Mullet Fingers before he even meets him. This is one example of how Roy was a good friend to Mullet Fingers. Roy first saw the boy, Mullet Fingers, running on the sidewalk beside the school bus. Roy thought he was running to get to the bus on time. However, he wasn’t wearing shoes or a backpack. Later on, Roy follows him and decides to give him a pair of his shoes. Here is another good example of Roy’s friendship with Mullet Fingers. Later on in the story, Roy gets to know a little bit more about Mullet Fingers. Beatrice Leep tells Roy that Mullet Fingers’ mom and her dad met at a golf tournament and decided to get married. His mom thought he was a bother to her new husband so she sent him to a military school. Within the first two weeks of school, Mullet Fingers ran away and went back home. His mother tried to send him to several other boarding schools and he ran away from them, too. Finally, he ran away and didn’t come home. His mother noticed that he ran away but didn’t want to do anything about it. Her husband didn’t even notice the tuition bills stopped coming! Beatrice and Mullet Fingers made Roy swear to keep all of this a secret. This is another example of Roy being kind to Mullet Fingers. Sadly, Mullet Fingers became ill and had to go to the hospital. He was bitten by a vicious Rottweiler while he was putting venomous snakes on Mother Paula’s property. To protect Mullet Fingers’
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