Hooters Current Ethical Issue

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Hooters Current Ethical Issue Over the years the national chain restaurant Hooters has had lawsuits brought against them for discrimination based on gender. Currently, the issue is weight discrimination. Not just one lawsuit, but two, and maybe three lawsuits may be filed. The waitresses claim that they lost their jobs because they weighed too much. They were put on a 30-day weight probation and offered gym memberships. The ethical issue here is the fact the company practices such discrimination and justifies their actions by claiming that the waitresses are entertainers. Not to mention, the waitress in question weighed 13 pounds less than when she was hires in 2008. Unfortunately for Hooters the Michigan Elliott-Larsen Civil…show more content…
These people are hired to accommodate a specific appearance (Neavling, 2010). Organizational Leadership The Hooters franchise employees more than 17,000 Hooters Girls. The corporation also employs women in all other positions from kitchen staff, all the way up to vice president of Training and Development. The company boasts, “Sex appeal is legal and it sells” (About Hooters, 2008). It appears, at least in this case which the store level managers did not maintain adequate documentation of performance reviews or terminations. The corporation’s Vice-President of Marketing (Mike McNeil) has been the voice of Hooters of America during this issue. “Claims that Hooters exploits attractive women are as ridiculous as saying the NFL exploit men who are big and fast” (About Hooters, 2008). There seems to be a major contradiction between the waitresses and management in the vocabulary used during meeting between the two. Multiple waitresses are claiming that management has placed them on “weight probation” and that they have lost their jobs when they did not comply appropriately with the guidelines of the probation. Management denies ever using this term and simply states that the company will occasionally “challenge employees about their image” (Engel, 2010.)
Over the years Hooters has had several lawsuits brought against them regarding weight issues. The employees were fired because of weight
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