Hope And Love Through Adoption

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Hope and Love Through Adoption The benefits for both the child and the birth parents in an open adoption are boundless. Adoption is a complex process that ultimately results in an awaiting family receiving the baby they have hoped for. Thousands of children are placed in an adoptive family every year. The child, from the moment they are handed into the arms of their new family, will grow up just like any other but their lives will also be forever changed. After the child has been adopted, depending on the type of adoption, the birth family can still stay in touch with the adoptive family and relationships can develop. Adoptees, birthparents, and adoptive parents can benefit in unexpected ways by developing a relationship through open…show more content…
The cooperation of both the biological and adoptive parents is key to nourishing the child and to maintaining that beneficial relationship. Closed adoption is almost the polar opposite to open adoption. Closed adoption is when the birth parents seal their personal information and have no personal contact with the adoptive parents or the child. The adoptive parents and the child cannot gain access to any personal identifying information unless the biological parents unseal the records or the child meets the age required. This form of adoption is extremely restrictive and often leaves the child wondering about their past and why they were adopted. Most children are left with various questions that cannot be answered due to maintaining the privacy of the birth parents. Although closed adoption can keep the adoptee and the adoptive parents safe, if the birth parents were dangerous in any way, most children have to wait until they are adults to search for information that may still be restricted. Some birth parents eventually unseal the adoption files but request to not be contacted. Closed adoption can have as many restrictions as the birth parents decided. Within open and closed adoptions the rights and laws may vary. The rights for adoptees are different than the rights for the birth parents. In several states, new laws are being passed in order to give the adoptees information that they are looking for. Melanie Burney discusses in one of her

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