Hope Beneath Our Feet By Margaret Trost Essay

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In “Hope Beneath Our Feet” on the chapter 8: Hope in challenging times, the articles Little by Little was wrote by Margaret Trost. She is a founder and director of the What If? Foundation. It is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing hope and opportunity to impoverished children in Haiti. The articles talk about Margaret Trost; she came to visit the food program for children. A hundred children gather come to received a hot meal. The program has once a week, children very happy when they have a food. Then, the next day, the priest of Church, Father Gerry, tells her about his plan to building an outdoor cafeteria, classroom, and library and health clinic for children. Especially, they could serve for the children fives meal per week, she very excited about his plan. Over seven years pass, the plan has grown but did not complete. But, she still believed that one day it could be done. Margaret always said that “piti piti n a rive”, it’s means little by little we will arrive. Her idea is “ every small step we take towards change makes a difference”. We are living in the environmental crisis, we have to do something do protect our life and save the earth. The problem of environment is global warming. It’s the climate changing, occurring many strange phenomenon which harmful to their life. For example, one of result of global warming is ice melting. When the ice melts, it will become water then it flow to the ocean and river. The amount water on sea will higher, when they

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