Hope-Focused Marriage Counseling

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Hope-Focused Marriage Counseling In Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements for the Course Pre-Marital Counseling (PACO 610) February 18, 2010 Summary Worthington has an approach that is dependent largely on the empathizing of the counselor rather than the willingness of the involved (xiii). The essentials of this approach are the couples’ willingness to be expressive in their affection only while continually being reserved in reactions to provocations. Apparently, there is a chemical reaction which cascades more negativity (xxv), and the positivity to negativity ratio needs lots of boosting (47). The importance of the marriage relationship is that it is the only picture of Christ and His people that exists on earth. If…show more content…
One can see their common values as assets that each partner holds. That is, they are not starting with empty hands (129). Positive change is brought about chiefly through direct request or verbal expectation (160). So much of dialogue is idiomatic, hyperbole, sarcastic, critical, or manipulative. “Say what you want” needs to be a constant piece of communication coaching from any counselor. Positive feedback is very important. This is not saying that you agree with what is being said, but rather that you understand what is being said and that the speaker knows that you understand (182). If a couple is busy making deposits in the positivity bank of their spouse, an occasional blunderous withdrawal will not feel as devastating (220). Waitpower is essentially remembering that while you’re fixing these problems, they didn’t peak overnight, and they won’t leave that quickly either (56). Furthermore, if the couple knew they could have an enjoyable marriage within two years, that “wait” seems like a rather minimal investment in the grand scheme of the life of a marriage (110). The process of healing cannot be hurried. It takes deliberate steps of patience and betterment. There are certain actions that will have predictable results (133). The couple must consider their behavior and see how it drives certain emotions, thoughts, and
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