Hope For The Rising By Bruce Springsteen

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Sam Taubenfeld Ben Meiners College Writing 24 November 2014 Hope in The Rising On September 11, 2001, two planes crashed into the Twin Towers in lower Manhattan, resulting in the deaths of 2,996 people. These terrorist attacks, together with the bombing of the Pentagon and the crash of United Flight 93, forever changed the United States, as the country and the people then had to recover from the “worst attack ever on American Soil” (Yates 32). Healing came in many forms post 9/11. Not only was there healing in terms of person to person with talking and memories, there was also healing also through books and art. Healing is evident in the lyrics of Bruce Springsteen album, The Rising, which was released in July, 2002. After a traumatic…show more content…
The lyrics of many of Bruce Springsteen’s past albums display themes relating to the working class man, middle-class struggles, and problems with romantic relationships. They explore personal subjects that discuss commitment, disappointment, and hard work. Springsteen then uses these very relatable themes and subjects to then illustrate the struggles of everyday obstacles that occur in life. This all comes from the roots of Springsteen’s life growing up, where he was raised in a blue-collar family in a small town in New Jersey. He writes about events that he experiences first hand/sees first hand since it’s the best way to gain trust of the listener, something he’s been excelling for decades and is the reason he has built such a loyal following. In The Rising, however, Springsteen takes a step further from his normal general working class man in his lyrics and instead, he sings about the specific individuals of working class suffering through the events surrounding 9/11. He chooses to honor the working class voices that had been central characters of the tragedy – the firefighters, the first responders, police officers, hospital workers and the families that lost loved ones. By putting the spotlight on these heroes and recognizing them for their hard work and dedication to serving their country, Springsteen’s theme could stand out even more. He could act as the voice for people moving forward. Each song of The Rising addresses a
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