Hope In Shawshank Redemption

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What exactly is it to hope for something? Is it a way for us to cope with what we are facing, or is it a something a way for us to escape reality? Hope is powerful force and plays an important role in our daily lives, especially when we are trying to deal with a problem or difficult situation, because it allows us to anticipate for much greater things to occur. Through the characters of the film, Shawshank Redemption, and in the play, A Streetcar Named Desire, written by Tennessee Williams, we are able to see the theme of hope being displayed. In these two text, Tennesse Williams and Frank Darabot reflects the idea that hope and dreams can provide a sense of comfort when you are facing through hardships in your life because it gives you with…show more content…
Hope is clearly reflected in the beginning of the play when Blanche takes a streetcar named desire to find her sister, Stella. In a way, the streetcar represents Blanche’s hope of recapturing her youthful happiness and her hope of escaping her past life and to start a new one. Blanche’s firm desire of having a fresh start and covering up what she did back in Belle Reve leads her to the outset of telling a series lies. At first, Blanche was knew the lies that she was telling everyone was simply untruthful and she was only providing herself a better future in this new town, but eventually these lies were beginning to become something so toxic to her that she depending on these made-up fiction to survive. Eventually, Blanche even began to believe in her own myth and immerse herself in her own imagination as a method of escaping from the truth. As time passed on Blanche's imagination only grew worse, and towards the end of the play, when Blanche believes that going to travel with Shep Huntleigh when in reality she leaving the with a doctor to go to a mental institute, we can really see that the hope Blanche once holds has completely dominated her life, driving her to
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