Hope Poem Analysis

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“Hope” by Lisa Mueller is a poem that entranced me from the moment that I read the first syllable. The picture that she painted with her elegant words pulled me into the beige colored pages of my textbook and mesmerized me throughout all four stanzas. “Hope” inspired its desired effect as each word in this poem washed over me with an awe-aspiring feeling. This poem made me feel almost unworldly as it persuaded me to reach out and grasp for my own aspirations. Mueller’s poem also awakened the realization that no matter how discouraged I might be, hope will always prevail and pick me back up once more. Lisa Mueller’s “Hope” indicates that hope is something that we all long for; we all hope for good fortune, fine weather, happier times, love, and success. Hope plays a crucial role in our everyday lives, as it fuels and motivates us to accomplish our goals, such as getting a promotion, having a child with the person you love, or finding your place with God. We are surrounded by hope; it is existential, spiritual and pragmatic. It is the essence of our being. Mueller writes that hope can be found in dark corners, in mushroom gills, on dandelions and on the wings of green angels (1-8). The first stanza of “Hope” insinuates that hope can be found anywhere and at any time, as it references the strange places where hope hides, like dark corners and on the wings of green angels. The dark corners represent the dark times in our lives, comparatively to receiving a demotion,
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