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Hope for the Flowers by Trina Paulus "Hope for the Flowers" is a story about a caterpillar, Stripe, who was born in this world and lived a normal life as expected from a caterpillar: eating and growing bigger. However, he became tired of doing such routine over and over again and thought that there must be something more to life. So he left the tree which served as his home from the very start and went out to the world to wander. Yes, he was fascinated with things he saw, but he was unsatisfied, until he found a caterpillar pillar rising up the sky with the top impossible to see. He wanted to go up also and reach the peak of the pillar, and that goal became a frustration. He was eager to reach that goal: the top. Stripe has a goal: to…show more content…
Like every one of us, we wanted to go up there, but of course, at the first glance one wouldn't realize how. He would be in haste to achieve it, never stopping first to think. We do things, and we think that what we do is the good way to achieve that goal. We become oblivion that there is a single way given to us to achieve that goal. Many know that way and follow it, but others are ignorant. However, there are others who know it but they act as if they don't know that way. They walk in a road different from that road given to us. Life would be easy if we would only follow that road readily given to us by God Himself. Stripe met Yellow on his way up. He somehow fell in love with Yellow and they decided to go back down to where they came from and live every day with each other, they decided to go back to the start and live life together, finding a way to the happiness they thought they will see in each other. However, Stripe became tired again of what the two of them keep on doing. This is a manifestation of what is common to every people: they find things that they thought would make them happy, but still they are not, and they would go back to what they wanted from the very beginning: to be up there, up where each and every one of us belongs. Stripe has the hope to go up to the very top and find out what's up there. Once he had that hope, he had the

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