Hope in Humanity: Village Health Works

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Even after the Belgians left and Burundi became an independent nation, the segregation remained. As a result of tension after tension, in 1994, the Hutus began their mass killing of Tutsis. In Strength in What Remains, renowned writer Tracy Kidder shares the overwhelming account of escape and second chances experienced by Deogratias Niyizonkiza, a young Tutsi medical student, during the gruesome genocides that occurred in Burundi and neighboring Rwanda. During his journey, Deo encountered people who were extremely hostile against him, but he also came across many who were willing to help him during his time of greatest need. Thus, despite all the cruelty Deo has witnessed and experienced, his story restores faith in humanity because of the acts of benevolence that followed the horrors. Some readers may argue that there was no goodness present in Burundi during the genocide; there was blood and murder everywhere Deo went. However, one must consider the few people who helped Deo escape. First, when Deo barely reached the border between Burundi and Rwanda, he gives up. He was sleeping when a middle-aged woman wakes him up and urges him to continue. “ ‘I’m too tired,’ he told the woman. ‘I’m just going to stay here’ ” (127). But she was persistent and he could not help but oblige. At the checkpoint, the woman convinced the interrogators that Deo is her son and…
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