Hope in The Nineteenth Century in Europe

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Ideas of a world without monarchs and a government run by the people for the people. France showed it was possible and other European countries attempted to follow along but what about the rest of the world. Maybe this century was not filled with hope maybe something else. Possibly this century was filled with the sense of European powerhouses trying to run the world. Let us go back to Europe in the Nineteenth Century were ideas of democracy and no kings began to emerge and series of revolutions began. All of this was a cause of the French Revolution that had just taken place at the end of the Eighteenth Century and that event showed for one of the first times that a monarch could be over thrown and the common people such as peasants could have a say in the government. Even though Napoleon took control of the government in France after the revolution he still did not have the role as a king and did not possess all the power that came with that role. So the French people still felt like it was step in the right direction especially with new bills that protect a person’s human rights. Here France is without a king and a new government and for the first time certain rights given to a person so the government could not control their every move. All the other European countries see this and it sparks a wildfire of…
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