Hopes and the Loses of the Grapes of Wrath

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As much lost the Joad family experienced, the family still had to hold tight on hope because it was basically

all they did had left since there was neither money nor happiness.

The Grapes of Wrath was focused around the Joads, a family going through the Great Depression hardships during the

1930s. Many families had majorly downsized their lifestyles; the way they bought their food, supported themselves, and the

fathers had to leave to search for work. When living in Oklahoma; the setting for the novel, The Dust Bowl was a disaster to the

crops, which meant it was a decrease in the profits for some individuals, or their only option of food and money was gone. The

quotation, “So you’re lookin for work? What ya think ever’body else is lookin for? Di’amonds?”(Steinbeck 312). didn’t mean for

disrespect for anybody but portrayed the anger and frustration of the struggling, starving workers who were fed up being shot

down but they still had hope.

Steinbeck wanted to show that the selfish ones who were fortunate had the strength and the will power to aid the ones who

couldn’t support themselves but they didn’t use their luck for advantage, they just thought about money over others. The

quote, “Well, s’pose them people get together an says ‘Let em rot!’ Wouldn’t be long ‘fore the price went, God!” (Steinbeck 315).…

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