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Unit 9 P1 - Describe the promotional mix used in two selected organisation for a selected product/service. Promotion Promotion is all about communication and trying to let your target market know that you exist and that you want them to use your products and services, it is also a competitive strategy because you want your target market to come to you so you have to persuade them that your product or services are better than your competitors. The promotional mix is all about a business trying to attract interest, create awareness, create an image and constantly remind your target market that your products and services exist. The promotion mix consists of 5 elements; Advertising Businesses around the world pay to have…show more content…
Personal selling According to Cengage Learning ‘Kellogg has launched a new public relations campaign featuring the Tonymobile, which is touring the United States (re)introducing families to Kellogg’s family of characters’. Today competition in the breakfast market is tougher then ever and Kellogg using it’s Tonymobile is to remind consumers about its cereals and what they are all about. Sales Promotion Kellogg’s offers a range of different sales promotion for example, according to Kellogg’s ‘Kellogg’s has teamed up with Sainsbury’s to offer you a free £15 bundle, which includes a sim card, 800 minutes, unlimited texts and 2GB when you purchases a promotional product’. Public Relations Over the past 10 years kellogg’s public relations have been extremely affective, increasing its sales. A good example of this was in 2013 Kellogg’s were going to bring out a new range of Cracker Crisps. During this time Cracker Crisps were extremely popular and a majority of the market was led by ‘Sun Bites’. Kellogg’s saw a gap in the market introducing a more healthy Cracker Crisp option, Kellogg’s fronted its campaign using social media and created the worlds first ‘tweet shop’ which was a social media shop replacing the Stirling currency with a type of social media currency. Buying something was simple, all you had to do was tweet a anything with the #TweetShop and in return Kellogg’s would give out free samplings of their of their

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