Horace Greeley

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Chapter 6 Go West young man and grow with the country. - Horace Greeley I loved my life in Washington, DC and had lived in the city for nearly twenty years. I attended graduate school there. I met my first husband and had my two daughters there. I grew a successful nutrition, personal growth and stress management consulting business. I was on radio and local cable TV. I enjoyed the status as a favorite speaker at corporate and government health fairs. I served on health panels and lectured as well as offered an array of popular workshops. I had just released my first guided relaxation CD, The Art of Letting Go. The girls and I took pleasure in our activities and friends. I enjoyed my life in Washington, D.C. despite my many health issues. But…show more content…
Within the week, my landlord mentioned to me that there would be a substantial increase in my rent. Then, a driver ran a red light and broadsided my car. Even though there were many pedestrians in the vicinity, no one stopped to help. Another catalyst was that 9/11 had recently occurred. The accumulation of these events made me feel that it was time to leave. I wanted to settle in a new place with better quality of life in which to raise the girls and improve my health. On New Year’s Eve, as I surfed the Internet, I found a charter school in Sedona, Arizona that emphasized creativity, community and mastery of basic skills. I had visited Sedona as a teenager and found the area beautiful with its looming red rock landscape, canyons and pine forests, the meandering Oak Creek, a mild climate and friendly people. Sedona had a “soul-nourishing” feel to it; I felt drawn to the area. Even though I felt a positive sense of adventure about Sedona, I wondered if I should stay in my beloved…show more content…
How they went missing I do not know. Sometimes my teeth would begin to fall out or just disappear. I would run around and scream “ My teeth!” and wake up with a start. My heart pounded in my throat and I would be badly shaken and upset. A dream of losing teeth is common in times of increased stress. This dream can signify a period of renewal and rebirth or the anxiety and uncertainty during a time of transition. I certainly was in transition — that in-between place of a “no-man’s land” where my old life was ending as I attempted to make new beginnings. There was chaos between the two since they were both happening at
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