Horace Mann And The American Education System

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Final Exam
Quynh Nguyen
Azusa Pacific University

Final Exam
Significant individuals, executive emphases, legislative act, or court decisions to America’s education system:
Horace Mann (1796- 1859)
Horace Mann was one of the most influential reformers in the history of American education. He was responsible for the Common School Movement, which was to ensure that every child receive free basic education funded by local taxes. Growing up in poverty where there was lack of access to education, the first secretary of Massachusetts Board of Education strongly believed that tuition- free education would be the “great equalizer,” and the key to fight against poverty and crime. As a result, Massachusetts’ residents were the
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By 1918, all states had their own mandatory attendance law.
Compulsory schooling was the preeminent force behind the need for school psychological services, which reciprocally influenced child study and clinical psychology.
John Dewey (1859- 1952)
Being regarded as father of progressive education, John Dewey’s most valuable contribution lied in the promotion of practical approach to education. His progressive education method underlined the importance of experience in learning, which was contradictory to the earlier days’ traditional authoritarian and rote learning educational approach. John Dewey believed in democracy in education, suggesting a learn process by participating and doing. His educational approach also put an emphasis on the development of relevant and practical life skills for students.
Although his ideas were often misinterpreted and distorted, his educational philosophy was truly significant to today’s education reform. Additionally, the influence of Dewey’s progressive education and the rise of intelligence testing had served as cornerstone for educational psychology profession to develop.
Brown vs. Board of Education (1954)
This U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Brown vs. Board of Education was a landmark case regarding the issue of segregation in public schools. The decision was in favor of desegregation of schools, deeming state laws allowing the separate public schools for white and black students to be
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