Horace Mann, John Dewey, And Paulo Freire

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When speaking about these historical thinkers, we realize that they all have certain views on education, and what they believe is the purpose of. These people are Horace Mann, John Dewey, and Paulo Freire. They all have a different vision of how they perceive education. There philosophical beliefs are very broad and interesting due to the fact that they see things in a certain perspective. It opens up our eyes to see how each of these historical people think. Horace Mann believed that we cannot have a successful country without schooling systems. Which can be contradictory, since for example, Malcolm X, he did not go to college or have much schooling but he turned out to be very successful. Horace Mann believed that a common school would turn out to be the "great equalizer." "What is most important about Mann 's way of seeing the common school is that he viewed in it an educational purpose truly common to all" (12, Cremin). Horace Mann’s main goal for the education system was to help create a more equal playing field for the masses. The educated people would be allowed to get themselves out of poverty and would be able to compete on more equal ground with the educated and financial well to make it to the upper class. Mann felt that the main responsibility and priority of public schools was moral elevation. He believed in the ability of individuals to improve, if they are given the proper conditions and settings. Mann was able to improve the quality of public schools. He
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