Horace Mann's 12th Report

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Horace Mann’s Twelfth Report

In his Twelfth Report, Horace Mann discusses reasons that public education is imperative in the success of a peaceful, prominent society. Mann maintains that education is a way to produce successful and resourceful citizens. Without education, people can only do so much and can only go so far; they are raw materials that need to be developed into something more. Mann lists all of the important and necessary institutions in society that require educated people in order to flourish. Society, in turn, depends on those institutions to succeed. His main effort was to give all members of society the same tools for success, thus giving society a chance to thrive. According to Mann, public education fosters
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However, the public education provided through high school is essential to even reaching that point. Without that free public education, most Americans would not have the means to educate themselves and our population would be higher in poverty than it already is. Another objective Mann had for public education in America that he considered essential and that is certainly still relevant today is Political Education. Mann himself held a deep knowledge of politics and their importance in society. When he wrote his Twelfth Report, he occupied a seat in the United States Congress. Therefore, he knew in his own life how important Political Education had been. In today’s society, the subject of politics is not always met with great approval or admiration. Therefore, it is important that analyzing Mann’s emphasis of Political Education that we understand what it refers to. The idea of politicians and political parties and the riffs between them must be put aside when thinking of Political Education. The important part, the part that Mann emphasized, is the understanding of the Constitution, and consequently the rights of every citizen of the United States. Once an average citizens knows his rights, he will have more just power as a citizen. Not only will he be able to defend himself if wrongly accused, but also will know what is appropriate and within his rights when making decisions on his own actions. Learning how

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