Horace Miner Body Ritual Among The Nacirema

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The Body Rephrasing Fever
In the current era, most of the people are obsessed with their body ritual wealth. They are in a constant race of outshining the others in terms of their outer looks and body shapes. To appear attractive, many people do stuff that might give them short term happiness or satisfaction but their results can be horrifying. Are people playing with their bodies? Well, I guess they are. They tend to ruin their natural self. Horace Miner, the writer of “Body Rituals Among the Nacirema,” was absolutely right when he mentioned in his article that today’s main focus is the human body, and that people have taken in their appearances and health so much that they have become a major component of America’s culture today. In fact,
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Putting ink on the body is not gentle, but still, people die for it. I understand when people have little tattoos, but what about those who cover their entire body with ink. To illustrate, a man from India named ‘Har Parkash Rishi’ has tattooed the entire world map and almost every country’s flags on his body covering his face, chest, and stomach. This was done by him so that his name could be included in the Guinness World Records book. Also, some other adult male holds a beautiful tattoo that covers his entire back, and it is suggested that after he dies, his tattooed skin will be on show in a museum. This seems pretty interesting and strange. People get tattoos in the figure of Jesus, although it's written in Bible that putting ink into our body is an act of sin. Tattoos have become a style statement, and this can include anything. Another layer can be viewed when people pierce so many portions of their physical structure. I have not seen a single part of the visible body that has not been pierced for various people. How can we forget the body part that is coerced to load on a ton of stuff? That is our ‘Face’. Not even a tiny bit of our face is left untouched. The face is loaded with a great amount of makeup, which is mostly artificial. It goes down the skin and ruins the natural pores in it. This effect is not seen instantly, in fact, it takes a while to be…show more content…
People go about reducing their diet and also dig in late nights, shaking up their own essential sleep pattern. Earlier diets were very normal, but nowadays there a variety of diets. These diets are followed, no matter what side effects they have on the body. Few diets, in order to control a number of calories, neglect the necessary proteins and carbohydrates that are essential for one’s body. The use of supplements has increased rapidly, and there are people who only consume them. They don’t understand that this can also lead to long-term health problems. People go crazy to get a perfect body. As an illustration, in a TV show, ‘1000 ways to die’ there was a guy who wanted to be really skinny, and he, with the help of his friend, tried to remove the extra fat with a vacuum. Eventually, the vacuum sucked his organs and he ends up
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