Horace Miner Religion

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A ritual is defined by anthropologist as actions that are intended to symbolize cultural events and myths for a specific purpose. The Aztecs had a ritual of sacrifice for their sun god, who was believed to eat humans . When these sacrifices were made the aztecs would use an obsidian knife in the shape of a tongue to represent the sun god eating his sacrifices. In turn for their sacrifices the sun provides seasons and good harvest. Horace Miner, an anthropologist, writes of American underlying morals in a different light intended to convey American idealistic thoughts. Consequently, in Miner’s writing he uses a variety of different literary devices the most impactful being stylization. Miner writes in such a way in this selection that you think it would be historical or realistic fiction even bordering onto a myth when really it would be considered an essay or article in nonfiction. This style shifts the mood of the selection to a dull and stiff anthropology…show more content…
This in reality, is the process of medically inflicting beauty on oneself by Botox, Plastic, or Cosmetic surgery. Even the most confident people in society resorts to this method. Celebrities ranging from Jennifer Aniston to Gwen Stefani all the way up to the Kardashians. These are some of the most influential people in society today, but they neglect to accept their own imperfections to an extent that they physically undergo body altering procedures. Ultimately, Miner exposes that american vanity is much more demanding than what it seems and that the standard of perfection through beauty is a burden put on all americans. Beauty is defined as qualities that pleases the aesthetic senses. There is no one solidified list of qualities in order to be beautiful. Beauty comes in many forms and we all find it in different experiences in our lives. Then sometimes beauty can be hidden right in plain
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