Horace Miner's Body Ritual Among The.

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Prompt #1 Horace Miner’s “Body Ritual Among the Nacirema” was a very entertaining essay. The essay made made fun of American culture without directly stating the name of the culture, other than including the word American spelled backwards. Miner bring to the readers attention the odd rituals practiced in America that the normal citizen would not find strange at all. However, by presenting his essay in the this form he shows how strange American customs are from the view of someone in a different country. Miner begins his essay by describing the American culture as if it were a tribe. Although he does so secretly, Horace Miner does state that the tribe is located between Canada and Mexico. He then states that they have an a developed market, yet they’re main concern is on the body. He then goes on to talk about the ritual areas in the homes on the Nacirema people, bathrooms, where the people practice they’re odd rituals. He does not use direct terms for the medicine men, nor any of the other physicians that are seen in the daily lives of American people. Miner continues this process while only leaving slight hints. Horace Miner does a terrific job in this satire. Once view of this paper is noticed, the reader can be entertained by the mysterious ways of the Nacerima people. This essay has brought attention to the ways of American culture, which is not only infomative but very entertaining. Prompt #2 never run, just WALK and ENJOY My life motto has…
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