Horizontal, Vertical and Internal Communication in an Organization

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Technical Report Writing – Summer 2011 Horizontal, Vertical and Internal Communication in an Organization Research Paper submitted to: Professor Pacelli Eugenio Renory L. Bilugan 5/29/2011 Table of Contents: Page I. Introduction 2 II. Body of the Report 3 a. Vertical and Horizontal Communication b. Internal Communication 1. Memos a. Definition of a Memo b. Purpose of a Memo c. Audience Analysis d. General Format e. Common Types of Memos i. Directive ii. Response to an Inquiry iii. Trip Report iv. Field/Lab Reports 2. Advice letter (to Staff or other departments 3. Company Policy Updates III. Conclusion 22 IV. Recommendation 23 V. Personal Reaction…show more content…
Create Unified Vision o Gather the leadership from the various departments within your organization to create a vision. If your organization does not have a mission or purpose statement, discuss the reason your organization exists and create a mission statement. Below the mission statement, detail how you're going to ensure the vision is understood and implemented by the entire organization. Once the vision is created, keep one another accountable to seeing the vision upheld and maintained. Set up checks and balances between the departments to prevent people from slacking or cutting corners. Generate Accurate Feedback o Generate accurate feedback between departments or units. A lot of frustration is found in teams and organizations between departments because of lack of communication. Each department functions as its own subunit within the greater team or organization and many times loses sight of the big picture. Horizontal communication bridges the gap between departments and allows for more accurate feedback. Set up interdepartmental focus groups to gather feedback for specific areas of the team. Send out a survey across the team or company that assesses the same information. Use the feedback to implement effective change. Implement Change o Implement change in the team more effectively with horizontal communication. When policy or procedure changes, each department needs to be on the same page with the same outcome in mind. Set up a communication system
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