Horizontal Violence Against Nurses During Workplace

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Horizontal Violence against Nurses in Workplace Cyron Christian Viado Ryerson University Family and Violence CSOC 502 Dr. Maria Wallis June 9, 2015 Horizontal Violence against Nurses in Workplace The primary purpose of health care is to serve the patients’ physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. However in a recent news headline in Vancouver Sun newspaper in February 24, 2015 tackle the stories entitled: B.C. nurses to begin filing charges against violent and aggressive patients. It stated that nurses are tired of being kicked, punched and slapped. Nurses are tired for the government and health authorities to take action that leads them the need to protect themselves to get more harm. Such incidents is one of the many example of…show more content…
Literature Review Horizontal violence is a hidden pattern of individual behavior in controlling other individual that risk health and safety (Hinchberger, 2009). According to Roche, Duffield and Catling-Paull, violence can be describe as emotional abuse, threat, or actual violence in any health care setting. Although the definition varies according to situations and practice settings, there is agreement that workplace violence has a negative impact on the health and wellbeing of nurses and the delivery of quality nursing care (Hinchberger, 2009). Violence mostly occur in any health care setting, However, it mostly occur in emergency department, waiting room, psychiatric ward and geriatric unit on which people involved psychological situations. Workplace violence commonly occurs between nurses, between nurses and patient, between nurses and families, or even between nurses and physician. Violence from relatives and friends of patients may occur as a result of frustration with a perceived lack of care or communication (Roche et.al. 2010). According to Woefle and McCaffrey there two consequences of violence (physical and psychological) for nurses and organization. Physical by the mean nurses can possibly experience weight loss, cardiac palpitation, stress, hypertension and irritable bowel syndrome. Psychological by the means of being mentally drain of nurses that can cause danger in giving a quality care. According to the three articles it is
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