Horizontal Violence in Nursing

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The High Cost of Horizontal Violence in Nursing

Paisley Rojo

Gen 200

July 21, 2015
Dr. Davidov
The High Cost of Horizontal Violence In nursing, there is a growing concern called, horizontal violence. Horizontal violence is an act of aggression from one nurse to the other. Horizontal violence impedes teamwork, hinders patient care and causes a negative work environment (Becher & visovsky, 2012). Even though workplace politics exists in every profession, the effects of horizontal violence, or bullying, in nursing is a costly behavior. Nurses feel devalued in the workplace and experience psychological effects. Patients are likely to experience less favorable outcomes, and retention is difficult costing facilities
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If this behavior is a problem for the clinical facility, that facility will likely have a higher turnover rate, which will in turn cost more money in recruitment and education. Moreover, bullying also affects continuity of care with patients and may result in sentinel events as well as legal action against the clinician, and facility from patients and family members. According to Aleccia (2008) an estimated 70 percent of nurses involved in a study of horizontal violence believed there was a relation to inappropriate behavior from peers and negative outcomes for patients. Moreover, 25 percent of the study group believed that horizontal violence contributed to patient mortality. Research has shown that there is an estimated $30,000 to $100,000 per annum paid for each victim of horizontal violence. This cost stems from absenteeism, treatment of the psychological effects, and the high rate of turnover (Gerardi & Connell, 2007). Woelfle and McCaffrey (2007) investigated the damage caused by horizontal violence to work relationships in nursing to find a solution. The result of that investigation stated that horizontal violence in nursing is commonplace and experienced by nursing students, nurses with limited experience, and seasoned nurses equally.
According to the American Nurses Association, currently federal standards do not require protection from violence in the workplace. Some states have asked
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