Horizontal violence and The Effects on Nurses and Patients Essay

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Horizontal violence is not a topic that medical faculties discuss on a day-to-day basis, but it is an enormous problem within the health care system. In this research the author looks at bulling from a registered nurse (r.n.) aspect .The effects on patient centered care can be detrimental for patients and r.n.’s. The work place needs to be a safe place for not only the patients but also the employees. With the rise of new graduate nurses who are employed by the medical facilities, they too are starting to face horizontal violence within the first year on the job, which leads to retention of nurses in the medical field. Horizontal violence will continue to arise if nurses do not stand up to bullying and empower victims to speak up on…show more content…
Medical facilities have to start paying more nurses to stay late for work because without adequate staffing the job duties tend to get behind. Facilities have to pay nurses more money to keep them on call or higher contracting nurses. Hospitals, clinics and other patient care facilities continue to lose money every day when nurses are bullied because it also effects patient satisfaction. “Occupational exposure to bullying decrease job satisfaction”(Ceravolo, Schwartz, Foltz-Ramos, & Castner, 2012, p. 600). Being a nurse who is a victim of bulling on a day-to-day basis will cause stress in the nurse’s life. If the bulling does not cease in the facilities, nurses will not be completely satisfied with their job and retention will remain a problem for many hospitals and clinics. Nurse retention is another problem that patient care facilities deal with because losing a nurse only means the facility will have to pay more money to replace another nurse. In a retrospective analysis the cost of hiring a new nurse average around $62,000 to $ 67,000 to recruit, orient and hire a r.n. (Wilson, Diedrich, Phelps, & Choi, 2011). In the end, the cycle will continue and the result will be nurse retention if bullying does not stop and is address within a hospital or a clinic.
One of the main competencies for the Institute of Medicine is for r.n.’s to provide patient
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