Hormones And Levels Of These Hormones

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hormones and levels of these hormones. The amount and type of hormones we experience while in the womb are responsible for differentiating female brains from male brains and vice versa. These two instances, the guinea pig and sex reassignment studies, lend credence to the idea that biology influences our sexual orientation. To bolster these findings Bailey et al. (2000) cite researchers who have explored regions of the brain that are sexually dimorphic (areas that are notably different in men and women). Bailey et al. (2000) cites that in 1976 Dorner identified two brain regions in rats that he implicated in sexual behavior for rats. In males he credited the medial pre-optic anterior hypothalamus (mPOA) and in female rats the area he believed to be responsible for normal sexual behavior was the ventromedial nucleus (Bailey et al., 2000). This led to others exploring the areas of the hypothalamus thought to contribute to sexual functioning. Ultimately it was found that several areas in and around the mPOA appear to be sexually dimorphic. Bailey et al. (2000) mention that upon comparisons of what is expected when looking at these areas in gay men there is a difference in size. An area near/in the mPOA called INAH-3 is found to be smaller and contain fewer cells in women compared to men. Gay men showed size and levels higher than women but less than men. Also findings have shown that the anterior commissure (AC) that connects the right and left hemispheres is significantly
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