Hormones and Behaviors

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Cognitive Behavior There are many views about the cognitive approach techniques but it is basically being able to understand the individuals doing the best they can in life. Most of the clinical things that go along with this are the clients disorder of thoughts and feelings and the most effective way to change the maladaptive behavior and this is where the Cognitive Behavior therapy comes in. The true meaning of cognitive behavioral therapy is in the clients difficulties in relationships and not being able to cope with their everyday life in general which in turn could affect their health and well-being. There are many people involved with this such as therapists and workers and even psychiatrists. Cognitive Behavioral therapy focuses…show more content…
I found it amazing on how our brains actually work and how each side actually contributes something different in a unique way naturally I wondered to myself what am I? am I left side dominate or right side dominate I came to the conclusion I am sort of neutral a mix of both but if I had to lean to one side more it would probably be the right side and I think it’s mostly due to the fact that I am horrible in math and left side dominate people tend to excel in that area. When it comes to how the left and right side of the brain impact learning I believe the LEFT SIDE VS. RIGHT SIDE 3 left side is more dominate in its impact due to the fact that it deals more with logic and other important areas that are detrimental to our
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