Horney’s Neuroses Present in My Family

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If the same parents in the same environment raised three children, it wouldn’t be a stretch to assume that the three children would grow up to be pretty similar. For the case of my family, although the physical environment stayed consistent, the downfalls of each individual caused a domino effect, drastically changing the personalities of each of us. My half-brother, my sister, and I nearly perfectly describe Horney’s three different types of neuroses of aggressive personality (moving against people), complaint personality (moving toward people), and detached personality (moving away from people) respectively. Robby, my half-brother, was raised as an only child with our mother’s ex-husband. When my mother and her ex-husband had a falling out, this began the foundation of his aggressive personality. At age five, he found out that our mother was pregnant with his sister, and this didn’t sit well with him. Being raised by both parents, to find yourself not only having to share your mother’s affection with another child, but another man who wasn’t his father. Robby since has always strived to be better than everyone else, even at the cost of others. He always praised his successes and exploited others who fell short. His aggressive personality continued even into adulthood, where he saw his younger siblings succeeding in areas he had failed in. These feelings of inferiority and insecurity magnified his need to feel superior. However, Robby had a bit of a falling out

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