Horrific Events from World War II

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Two most horrific events in world history occurred in World War Two. They are known as the holocaust and the Japanese war crimes. The question is, which was worse? And who actually recalls anything named "Japanese War crimes"? Both were unmerciful acts, but the criminals of the Japanese were never brought to justice. The Japense war crimes was worse, because they were killed, discriminated, and American soldiers cut their body parts alive or dead as souvenirs, this was known as American mutilation of Japanese war dead. The most significant reason for hostile to Japanese opinion outside of Asia had its starting in the strike on Pearl Harbor. The Japanese ambush moved the United States into World War II. The Americans were brought together by the strike to battle against the Empire of Japan and its partners, Nazi Germany and rightist Italy. This cartoon below is an example of Anti-Japanese sentiment and nationalist caricature employed during the war. It is one of many such racist pieces intended for domestic consumption to raise morale. It's is a United States World War II poster and Shows a big caricature face of a demonic monster figure, possibly based on a caricature of Hideki Tōjō. The person/monster holds a blood dripping knife. The text of the poster reads: "TOKIO KID Say MUCH WASTE OF MATERIAL MAKE SO-O-o-o HAPPY! THANK YOU" Japanese were taken from their homes, internments and raped. They were even killed for medical purposes and experiments. On one night during
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