Horrific Treatment Women In The Middle East. Spring 2017.

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Horrific Treatment Women in the Middle East Spring 2017 Sociology 102 Gerardo Matamoros Have you ever felt discriminated against for no reason? At some point in our lives we will encounter people that will discriminate us for irrelevant aspects. Plenty of people tend to discriminate against others when they feel threatened because of the persons’ intellect, or other factors that may make the person look inferior. Unfortunately, discrimination comes in different ways, and different causes. However, they all lead to dehumanization of the individual. These discrimination problems are usually problems that date way back in time. For example, the labeling of women as the weaker sex, or the gender that…show more content…
As a matter of fact, how can men solve a problem that doesn’t affect them. According to Valerie Hoekstra a Professor in the Political Science department at Arizona State University, ‘’ In Western Europe and other democracies, women represent only a small percentage of the members of high courts’’(ProQuest). There can be plenty of solutions to solve the dehumanization of women, but they will not become effective when men are the ones deciding if the proposition should become effective or not. Unfortunately, there is a low participation of women in Government, and that has stopped almost every solution to end the inequality of women and men. Discrimination against women can be found in every corner of the world. Unfortunately, plenty of those places don’t see the real problem that women are facing. According to Doctor Yitchak Haberfeld a professor in political sciences and human resource management, ‘’Israel 's victory over its Arab neighbors in the 1967 war created conditions that led to Israeli Arab men 's greater control of Israeli Arab women. They also considered education and paid employment for women a threat to the Arab national identity’’(Ethic Newswatch). How is it possible that you can treat an individual like a cockroach because you don’t want that person to be at your level? This social problem is everywhere, and not just in America. Women in Israel and the Middle East face constant dehumanization, due to

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