Horrific and Disturbing Murders in Illinois

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Criminal Crimes There have been many horrific and disturbing murders in Illinois. There have also been gangs that have been born and destroyed in Illinois. Two of these terrible happened to take place in little Skidmore. One of the gangs in Illinois was Charlie Birger and his Boys. A dreadful and unfortunate murder happened on the famous Chain of Rocks Bridge. The last murder took place in a young woman’s house. Many of these murders and gangs were terrible and scarred the state of Illinois.
Stealing a baby from a womb
A horrific murder happened in tiny Skidmore on December of 2004. Lisa Montgomery and Bobbi Jo Stinnett met and found out that they had much in common and became good friends (Nunes 85-86). Surprisingly, Bobbi and
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6). Before Charlie was hanged, he hired a company to produce postcards of him and his men posing with their variety of guns. On the day of the execution, he formally shook hands with the hangman and he smiled broadly at the sheriff. Charlie was offered morphine before he was hanged, but shockingly he refused the offer (“Birger” para. 4-7). Charlie Birger cultivated his own legend and he knew that in seventy to eighty years he would become a legend. Little boys in his town still like the gallows. In his town, he is still considered a folk hero. Some people may even describe him a tommy-gun toting Robin Hood. Miraculously, he managed to sweet talk the authorities into letting him bring his machine gun with him (“Birger” para. 8-10). Before he was executed along time ago, a rival gang took dynamite and blew up his Shady Rest cabin and, the cabin no longer exist on Route 13 between Harrisburg and Marion where it used to lay. People like to say it was the first aerial bombing in this country but it wasn’t. Charlie Birger died at age forty-eight but he looked a lot younger (Birger para. 8-10). Author Gary DeNeal researched Charlie Birger and his gang. Mr. DeNeal states that Charlie and his gang fit right into a violent era of Illinois. In that violent era, there were the mine wars and KKK were involved. Gary DeNeal recreates an era of armored cars, machine guns, and homemade explosives (Birger para. 11-12).
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