Horror Film Analysis

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1. According to King, civilized people enjoy horror movies because it shows that we are not afraid and it is a way to exercise our dark sides. Watching horror movies allows for use to face some of our greatest fears, and once conquered, we feel better about our abilities to face our fears. Every civilized person has a dark side to them and this can be feed by watching horror movies. The content in horror movies fuels our need to see death and other horrible parts of the human experience. In reality, horror movies keep some of our sanity in check.
2. To King, horror movies are like roller coasters because they incite fear in the minds of the young and there are many twists and turns. Typically, young people are more likely to go on roller coasters that older people are and that is the same with watching horror movies. Young people like to put themselves in the uncomfortable situation of watching a horror movie in order to test their ability to face fear face on. Like a roller coaster, a horror movie can cause us to scream out of fear in our seats because of something unexpected. The many plot twists and jump scares in horror movies are equivalent to the corkscrews and unexpected drops on a roller coaster.
3. Horror films are like public lynching’s, according to King, because some of them conation graphic scenes and they cause fear. In the gorier horror films, there are a lot of deaths, decapitations, and a ton of fake blood spewing out of a recently murdered body. Therefore,
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