Horror Films And Gothic Horrors

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HORROR FILMS In this paper, I will be discussing reviews on horror films and gothic horrors using the movie mama as my main example. My aim is to analyse the horror genre and the emotional effects it has on different people. My objectives are to identify and analyse the generic elements of the horror genre, gather people’s opinions about the horror genre and to find out the reasons for these opinions. To aid my research, I have prepared and shared out questionnaires with open and closed ended questions to gather people’s opinions. I have also held focus groups. During the twentieth century, definitions of gothic books and films have broadened and changed significantly almost beyond original recognition. However, one of the reasons for the gothics continued popularity is its ability to change and recreate itself. There are some key elements that characterise twentieth-century gothic, one of them would be that in the early part of the century, the manner in which the real-life horror of two world wars takes over from the imagined horrors of the super natural and superstitious. Tortured individuals who in the nineteenth century refused to play dead began to do so on a massive scale during and after the First World War Armitt (2011) The horror genre really has no clearly defined boundaries and so displays characteristics associated with science fiction, fantasy, adventure and sometimes even thriller. The genre is

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