Horror Genre Dissertation

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3. Introduction PG. 4
- 4. History of the Horror Genre PG. 5 - 9 - 5. Slasher Films and the Gender roles PG. 9 - 13 - 6. Comedy Horror PG. 13 - 16 - 7. Postmodernism and the Horror Film PG. 16 - 18 - 8. Case Study: Scream Vs. Scary Movie PG. 18 - 22
9. Conclusion PG. 23
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1. Abstract Page

I have researched on the Horror genre, looking at when it begun, the decline in popularity it has foreseen and how it has been able to recreate itself each time. I looked at comedy horror films and what part it plays within the film industry.
I found that
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Films made in the 1930’s emphasised on the monster and gore. ‘When seen through the eyes of the original audiences, critics and censors, the thirties Horrors were a fairly nasty lot.’(3) Dracula was the first classic Horror film in the 1930’s, which contained sound. It received financial success as well as negative responses from critics. They saw these types of movies and had to consider whether people would copy the violence or see the movie, as it was, that these acts of violence were just for the story.

Frankenstein (1931), Freaks (1932) and Island of Lost Souls (1933) were movies that caused outrage with censors in Britain. They didn’t like the influence these films could have on young teenagers, which were primarily there target audience. The British ban on horror movies were instated in 1937, this made profit of Horror films decline so fewer films were made. This affected Hollywood producers like Universal as their main importers was Britain. At this point you could have said horror movies were dead, as it made no sense producing movies that could not be shown.

The dislike of the monster was not the only issue that censors had with these films, but the sexual encounters also caused dissatisfaction. In response to this they introduced a new rating system for horror films called ‘H’, this was to show people that the films were horrific and could only be viewed by adults. They had to try and consider what was deemed safe for children to watch and
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