Horror Movies Have Been Knowing Along With Human History.

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Horror movies have been knowing along with human history. It is one of the best-known genres that supports the deep down audience’s horror demand that has changed in almost every era. The terrify and scary story become more for entertain than scare people. This essay will discuss about the studying of movie genres and look more specially at Horrors movies which have always been changed during time with new style and technical stuffs to attract audience’s demand. The horror movie is one of the most changed genres during the human history. Human has created this genre to satisfy they deep eagerly of danger, violent, nausea and the curiosity of some incidence that might not usually happen to them such as they were hunting by a ghost…show more content…
However, after the time passing Horror story became one of the human’s entertainment. They usually appear in everyday life such as the ghost story at that campfire and the scary tale of children bedtime story. The film genre has been created since silent movies era to separate and identify to tell the different if each film. “A genre can be simply defined as a large category of stories united by their particular settings, characters, themes, and narrative conflicts.”(Worland 2007, p.15). For advertisement and promotion of the movie, film genre is very useful. It can tell audiences more information about the film before they design to watch it. For example, If some of the audience have watched “Dracula (1931)” and like this kind of movie. They want to watch more similar movies of this film. They can find the director’s name or actors ' name, but all overcome they can find it more easily to separate these kinds of film to be one individual genre called “Horror film”. Then they can find that “Frankenstein (1931)” is the another movie that is similar to “Dracula (1931)” they have watched because they have same story type and themes in the movie. In late 1700, the horror has started to began. There were many book authors that start to create the horror and scary story in the novel from which have been called Gothic novels. It was very famous in United

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