Horror Movies : The Fear Of Women And Feminist Fears

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Fears are developed by some of our darkest situations, and make us perceive danger. In the essay “Horror Movies are one of the few places women are told their fears are real”, by Gita Jackson, a claim is made that horror movies are crucial for women because they help confront fear. Jackson argues that horror movies help find the root of women’s fears such as: bad dates, chloroform attacks, and sexual relationships with men. But, these fears that Jackson addresses as relatable, are in fact not relatable, but are rare situations that apply to certain situations of certain women. These “fears” are stereotypes, and are what western society considers “fears of women”. These claims that Jackson makes are not relatable but are rather stereotyping women and creating views that are, unrealistic, sexist, biased, and superficial. Women today are tremendously fearful of things like rape and abuse, but not the other problems that Jackson claims. Jackson addresses the fact about women going on dates, and them being completely scared about the date going horribly. Bad dates aren’t something that many girls worry about, as well as sexual relationships with men is the farthest from our worries. Going on a date with a boy, and the date going terrible itself isn’t the end of the world for me. My worries are much more realistic, I worry about things like school, work, volunteering, etc. Jackson also talks about making mixtapes for men, nowadays nobody even makes mixtapes. If these mixtapes
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