Horror Restaurant

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INTRODUCTION Name Of The Service: Bones n Brains --- A Horror Restaurant Service Is: The motto is "FUN FOR THE YOUNG DEVILS”. The horrifying environment. Dracula, Vampires, and others at your service. Foods with a new touch and names. Amazing way of serving food. Offering a unique and affordable way of celebrating special occasions. Objective Of The Project (Mission): A new, impressive way of capturing the target market with the help of perfect marketing mix. Finding and defining external entities, target market and marketing strategies which could help this new service in increasing its market share. Infrastructure: A three floor building , located at Zamzama boulevard and a…show more content…
(2) CURRENT MARKETING SITUATION 2.1 MARKET SITUATION • Market Segments: Restaurant is not a place, which can be assigned to any one category of market, but to be more efficient in directing the resources to the right target market, for this we have done market segmentation. According to the given statistical data, we can easily understand why children were chosen to be the target market: • Between 5- 10 years---------------------------------- 75% • Between 11-18 years--------------------------------- 88% • Between 19-25 years--------------------------------- 28% • Between 26-40 years--------------------------------- 45% • Between 41-onwards--------------------------------- 14% The result of the analysis states that the age group of 5-18 is the best target segment to be focused. The rest of them are some how related to the above two fields and can be influenced by their demands to come to the restaurant. • Geographic Segments: Here we subdivide markets into segments based on geographic distribution-- the regions, counties, cities and towns where people live and work. This can be taken out by taking into consideration: a) Regional population distribution b) Urban, suburbs and rural distribution c)
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