Horse Application Essay

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I feel as if my application would be incomplete if I did not discuss my absolute and overwhelming passion for equestrian sports and the horses, our teammates, we compete on. Ever since I was little I had a strong desire to touch or even get a glimpse of our equine friends. The moment I finally was able to ride it clicked, this was the thing I have always wanted to do. Horses and the sport of riding makes up who I am, my heart and soul goes into it. When I was young I obsessed over horses as do most young girls but, that obsession never changed as I grew older. All the falls, all the heartbreak and stress that it caused made me fall even more in love with it. I have now been riding for twelve of my seventeen years of life and I do not ever…show more content…
I have met some very stubborn horses that years down the road I discovered had actually taught me so much more than any other horse ever would. That is what influenced me to take on the opportunity of buying and training a three-year-old unbroken arabian. He has come to teach me not only things about riding but also life-lessons. I have gained patience, trust and understanding from him. He is now six years old and despite the fact that some days I felt as if we would never get anywhere in our training he is now an excellent horse. Taking an animal that has never had a person on it before and making it completely calm and even excited to work with a person on it’s back is an incredible thing and I am happy to have been able to experience this.
Being an equestrian is who I am and who I will always be. I have learned so much from the horses and the people who make up this sport and I hope to learn more as the years go on. Every single horse that I have ever met has fueled my passion and my love for this incredible sport. I have no idea what I would do if it had never came into my life, it means everything to me. I hope that riding in college can help me to continue on in my learning of this amazing
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