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Horse Charities of America/Equus Foundation
Many Horses have dramatic stories of when they are raced and competed, they get hurt. Then the Horse can no longer compete and make the owner money. The owner then gets rid of the Horse or just leaves it to die. The cruel Horse owner wants more money and starts the horrible process over. I’ve always known about the mistreatment with animals, Horses in particular, but I’ve never been able to do anything about it. Now I know what to do about the cycle of abuse. That disgusting process with Horses doesn’t have to happen to as many Horses thanks to the funding of Horse Charities of America that sponsors many other charities that rescues, rehabilitates, and re-homes Horses to heal not just the gentle giants,
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Ever since this foundation started, they have made certain that the funds go to legit places that will rehabilitate, foster, and rescue Horses, given to therapies and Horseman programs. They always give large enough donations to the chosen charity to actually do something that will make a difference. The money doesn't just come out of nowhere, this charity does a spectacular event to raise money. Though the events are different every time, this year the have an event in Fairfield County Hunt Club,CT. The way it works is that you donate money. If you donate over $250 then you get a seat at the Grand Prix nothing up front, but you still get a seat and you would enjoy a show while helping a good cause. The more you donate the closer seat you get at the show, if you donate $2,500 or more you get a front row seat at the show. You are fed in a luncheon fashion while you watch the Grand Prix with your family and friends. Then later there is a auction to raise even more money for the good cause. Even though this money raising event is far away in Connecticut, I believe this is a very important charity to help for the sake of humans and the sake of
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