Horse Grooming Process Analysis

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How-To Guide for Basic steps of Horse Grooming

You stare at your very dirty, ruffled furred horse. And you have very little time to spare. What do you do? Read on to find out 3 basic steps on how to groom your horse in just minutes. Materials:
Curry comb
Stiff mane and tail brush
(optional) Mane and tail shine spray

Step 1 (grooming the horse’s body): Grab a curry comb near you. Brush in circles onto the horse’s neck and belly. Use it in a circular motion to loosen dirt and shred loose hairs. You repeat this motion onto the shoulders, down to the legs, and softly on the face (optional). For the hindquarters, you need to stand by the hindquarters (never in front), and repeat the circular brushing. Be sure to brush
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