Horse Observation

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A. One time I was showing in a horse show st Columbus, Ohio it was congress. While I was showing my horse Sonny he ran down to a stop a hit the ground really hard and I about fell off so I grabbed the horn. The ground at congress is not very good, it is really deep and heavy. I hate grabbing the horn because it does not look good and it makes you look like you cannot ride. When he hit the ground real hard I lost my stirrup while he checked the ground. When he got back in the ground he hit it even harder and thats when I grabbed the horn. B. Once I was showing a horse named Chip and I had only ridden him a week when I took him the show in Springfield, Ohio. I thought we was not going to do very good because we had not been together for very long. He was a good horse but sometimes he was a liitle full of himself. When we went in to show it was a run in pattern, which is the hardest kind of patterns. We ran in and nailed the first stop and I was very happy with it. The spins were plus halfs and the circles where very good!! Our score was a 73 which is a very big score. We won the rookie level 2.…show more content…
One time I forgot about Mothers day till my Dad reminded me. We where very busy that month with horse shows and other stuff so it just slipped my mind. That Sunday morning I was getting ready to go to church and dad walked in and asked what I got mom for mothers day and had completely forgotten. He said that he could tell mom that he was going to go to the office to get some papers but acutually he would be going to wally world to get some flowers and a card. He came back with two dozen pink roses and one of those gigantic cards. Mom loved it and I was so glad that dad
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