Horse Vs Cow

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A cow and a horse are two uniquely different animals; although, they are alike in many ways as well. These two animals are larger in size and share many things. They split up in differentiations. A cow and a horse are mainly alike by their use of being farm animals; there are many more reasons than just that, and there are many things that make them not so alike. Cows are either raised to be eaten or at least used for a food production, as in meats or milk. Cows can be used as a fun ride, as in bull riding. A very neat thing about a cow is their stomach, they have four different compartments in their stomach for the use of food digestion. Cows are usually never alone, they are in a herd. Have you ever been going down a country road and seen only one cow in a field? No,…show more content…
Horses are meant to be rode, they are used for shows and bronc riding as is similar to bull riding for a cow. Horses are taught many things when it comes to getting on them and going; cows are different if a human is put on a cow is for the soul purpose for that person to be thrown off. A horse has a single valve stomach as a human would. Horses are considered herd animals but they can survive alone, as a cow cannot. A person enjoying a country joy ride can often see a single horse in a field because it is common. Cows and horses both have four strong legs, which if they lost or damaged that leg would have to be put down because both animals cannot operate without any of their legs. Both animals are herd animals that are used on farms, and both eat grass and/ or hay to survive. A horse and a cow can be used in rodeos, one thing they do in rodeos that are alike is bull and bronc riding. It is the same concept. A person gets on one of the animals for the soul purpose to hold on for eight seconds without getting thrown off while that animal is bucking to their most
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