Essay on Horse slaughter. Is it really worth it?

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Horse slaughter. Is it really worth it?

Horse slaughter has been going on for a long time now and humans have increased their horsemeat consumption because of the mad cow disease. Mad cow disease is issued from the fattening foods farmers give to their cattle. In the food are sheep’s’ bones grinded into tiny, tiny bits. Ignorant till the outburst, makers didn’t know that in sheep bones there is the virus of the dreaded disease. The disease doesn’t affect sheep as it is only in their bones but when the cows eat it, it gets into their systems and is passed on through their meat to humans.

Many people are going off cow meat and onto horsemeat. Countless numbers of them are oblivious to the fact that horsemeat is just as dangerous as
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This horror can go on up to 90 hours. When they get to the slaughterhouse, the horses are released into another pen.
Blinded by the light, they trip down the ramp and stumble into others. There is no food or drink and the many horses are herded into a narrow passageway where they can only move forward single file. They can smell the blood and death but can’t place it as their senses have weakened without food or water. Stumbling, they follow their friends along to the knocking box. In some countries they use hammers, others a gun like thing. These metal tools go through the forehead and split the bone, right into the brain, aiming to make the horses senseless. In pain, they collapse. In America, for example, the horses slip down a ramp into a blood-sodden room. There, a man hoists them up into the air by tying their hind legs. In other countries, France for example, the horses are left on the floor where their throats are slashed and they bleed into the gutter. In both countries, the legs are broken or even hacked off while the horse is bleeding to death.

The reason why they bleed them to death is so that the meat is good for human consumption. The governments have imposed a law that the horses, or slaughtered animals, must be made senseless. This is done by stunning or electrifying but it doesn’t always work. In a lot of pictures I have seen, the horses are twisting their legs in pain when they are hoisted and their throats

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